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How to Avoid a Cold and Enjoy the Process

by Karen Craven on 02/17/14

I don’t know anyone who has time to be sick, but sometimes our hectic schedules and habit of running out without proper outer wear leaves the door open for germs to get us. An easy way to push the germs back out is to make a simple broth of ginger and green onions.  Both ginger and green onion are diaphoretic.  That is a fancy word meaning they make you sweat, not heavily, but lightly.  A light sweat helps clean the body and not deplete it of needed fluids that will also carry germs out.  

To avoid catching cold and make use of this simple broth you have to do something very hard first. You have to stop!  You have to stop and take a moment for yourself to quickly recharge before the germs overwhelm your immune system and make you feel terrible. This is truly difficult, but if you don’t you could end up missing days of activity and making others sick as well. 

So here is the drill:

1.The very moment the thought pops into your head, “Oh man, I think I’m catching a cold”, you have to, as soon as humanly possible, go home. 

 2. On your way home, run by any store that has fresh ginger and green onions and get some.  I keep these in my house year round.  You can peel ginger and freeze slices of it so that you always have it on hand. 

3.Next get all your responsibilities handed off or dealt with in some version of good enough for the rest of the day or at least several hours. 

4. Grab a saucepan and 2 cups of water, some of the ginger roughly equivalent to the size of your finger and 5 green onion whites sliced.  This is all very rough so don’t worry about the amounts too much.  I often tell people to do 5-5-5.  Five slices of ginger, 5 green onion whites sliced and boil for 5 minutes.  The five minute thing is important.  All the lovely properties of the ginger and green onion will evaporate if you boil too long.  

5. Let the broth cool enough to drink.  While it cools take a quick, very warm shower (keep your head dry) and wrap up warmly in bed.  Sip your hot broth, cover up very heavily and gently perspire the nasties out of your body.  

This works like a top if you catch it in time and I think it is delicious, that's the enjoy the process part of this.  I like to add a little cayenne pepper flakes if I am shivery cold or a teaspoon of Bragg’s liquid amines for more flavor.  This broth is also a wonderful start to a soup by just throwing in any veggies or protein you have on hand.  

Stay well,

Karen Craven L.Ac.

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