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Karen Craven Acupuncture
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Karen Craven Acupuncture
Patient reviews on sites like Google and Yelp are extremely helpful to small medical practices like ours.  We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback through one of these sites.
Here are a few of the patient reviews we have found on various review sites.
November 2015 - I couldn't be happier with my treatment and with you both. You're wonderful. I've felt better since coming to you than I've felt with any other treatments I've tried. You're a Godsend.

October 2015 - Karen was great! Her cool and calm personality helped me relax and stay calm.

September 2015 - This is my first experience with acupuncture, and it was amazing Karen was very knowledgeable and skilled. I am a professional bass player and played my first pain-free show in months just a few hours after seeing her just once. I have tried chiropractic and deep massage, but have never experienced such immense [relief] and immediately. I am now convinced that acupuncture is the way to go.

August 2015 - I can not express how wonderful I think you are. I feel great after only one appointment and what you know and do is utterly amazing! I learned so much I couldn't take it all in and know I still have so much more to learn and am looking forward to seeing you again...thank you Karen!

July 2015 - Karen is amazing! She is very in tune and cares about YOU & your health. She listens and gives you the attention you need. I would recommend her to anyone!

June 2015 - She is very thorough and takes her time to get to you. I am so thankful I found her.

June 2015 - Ms. Craven was really nice, professional, concerned and caring. We appreciate how much she was able to do at the first visit. Thanks.

April 2015 - Karen was wonderful. She spent a good amount of time getting to know me and my health, and she offered specific suggestions for improving my health and lifestyle. Then we started the acupuncture session - I felt great afterwards and very relaxed. My pain was better for a few days too, so I may be going back to continue the treatment! The facility itself very welcoming, clean, and professional. Karen clearly knows what she is doing, and I really appreciated the personal touch.

March 2015 - all my life i heard about acupuncture, but never had the chance to try it. my first visit with Karen put me so at ease, i already knew about pressure points so what she had to say made so much sense. since then i have lost a lot of my complaints, swollen finger from too many years as a stained glass artist, tingling feet and a host of other problems to the point where i cant remember them all. i have regained the ability to do most everything i want to. at the tender age of 73 that means a lot to me.

February 2015 - From the moment I walked in the front door, I had a feeling of serenity and warmth. It is perfectly matched to the caring, compassionate and professional person that you are Karen. My first treatment has already brought positive results and I am looking forward to my next visit.

January 2015 - Karen is great, very caring. She takes the right amount of time to get to know you and design a program based specifically on your needs.

December 2014 - If you consider acupuncture, this is the place to go! If not, it's still the place to go! Authentic and professional contact. Very caring, systemic and holistic approach.

November 2014 - She was great. I enjoyed it very much and booked another appointment.

October 2014 - Really fantastic day. This was my first acupuncture. Karen was very thorough in taking my history and diagnosing my needs. The treatment was very comfortable and the follow up instructions and advice very helpful. I feel hope in healing from some ailments that have thus far not budged with any other kind of attempts. THANKS. I will be going back asap! :)

September 2014 - What a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Karen Craven Acupuncture to anyone who needs to experience healing.

August 2014 - Karen is great! Very thorough in researching medical background of patient and advising on health and lifestyle changes in addition to acupuncture.

July 2014 - Karen is so thorough and caring in her approach. She ensures that every concern is addressed and that you leave confident that your health is in good hands. I highly recommend her!

​June 2014 - After suffering years of migraine headaches, my wife's pain was gone immediately after minutes with Karen. What a blessing.

April 2014 - I have had pain in my shoulder for over 3 years. After ONE treatment with Karen it was gone. I told her she was magic. She laughed, but it's true. I will continue to get acupuncture. Once a sceptic, now a believer.

April 2014 - I had the most wonderful session with Karen this morning! Karen is smart, thorough, gentle, and knowledgeable in everything from energy to diet to supplements and beyond! (Thankfully, I do not suffer from allergies, but unfortunately I missed out on seeing her work her magic in that arena! I will have to send my husband for allergy relief!) I will definitely be back (in fact, I made a follow-up appointment for later this week!!), and will be recommending her services widely. Thanks Karen!

March 2014 - Can't say enough good things about this clinic! Both Karen and Steve are so nice and friendly. I seem to be a difficult case but Karen is working very hard to help me feel better. She cares so much and she goes above and beyond to help. The clinic is beautifully decorated and has such a nice serene atmosphere. I highly recommend it!!

February 2014 - Very happy to have found Karen. I have chronic neck pain for years and acupuncture is by far the most effective treatment to manage the pain.

January 2014 - I just love this acupuncturist. She is so very caring and intuitive and just knows so much. She has helped me with my aches and pains, physical and emotional/spirit. I really enjoy her treatments because I know I will feel better afterward.